Let’s leave behind burnout, stress, and pain-in-the-ass clients

  • The frustration and uncertainty of wondering where you next client will come from.
  • Thinking that once you land that next client, your business will turn around.
  • Taking every nightmare client that comes along. You know the type: nit-picking every detail, shopping around for cheaper furniture, texting crazy hours, asking for free advice, unable to make a decision, making rude comments to you and your team.
  • Undercharging: Sending time bills off with a pit in your stomach, wondering if the client is going to question you, even after you’ve already shaved hours off the bill.
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Results I want to see for you

A plan for profit

Once my firm became profitable, I was able to hire a dream team and pay them well, spend freely on marketing and start spoiling my dream clients. I was finally able to exhale knowing I could easily afford to pay for any issues that came up.

More Free Time

I spend 2 hours per week on one of my design businesses, and inside Coddington Design I work on one project per year. It probably feels impossible to you, but I promise you can set up your team and systems to run your company for you.

Upleveled Clients

I used to wonder why my competitors had magazine-worthy projects while I struggled to get my clients to properly finish 2-3 rooms. I am sharing the exact steps I took to attract clients with million dollar furniture budgets.

A plan for growth

My growth plan has always been to increase profit, but we can also work on growing your team, your visibility, or your geographic foot print.

WTF is a fractional CEO?!

Fractional CEOs fill an executive position in a part-time or short-term capacity. They are a great option for small businesses and startups who typically don’t need full time executive level support. You may have heard of fractional CFOs, COOs, or CMOs. A fractional CEO has a broader focus than just finances, operations or marketing.

woman in a blue sweater typing on a laptop.

A Thought Partner

It’s lonely at the top! My clients love to use me a sounding board. We share ideas, evaluate strategies, and generally solve the day-to-day and long term issues as they arise.

An Experienced Guide

My interior design businesses have made me millions and I have the battle scars to prove it. I’ve seen it all and I understand the unique challenges of our quirky industry.

An In-House Team Member

Unlike a regular business consultant or coach, I become and integral part of your team. I take a deep dive into your team, brand, and financials to create custom solutions.

Is this business coaching?

No. Business coaches will not review your financials with you or get to know your team. This is not mindset coaching, a course, or a class. This is me working one on one with you to solve your biggest business problems.

How exactly does it work?

Working with me always starts with a CEO Strategy Day. This allows us to really get to know each other’s working and communication styles and ensures that we will be a fit. After all, no one wants to get married after a first date!


  1. Apply here
  2. Book a 15 min call
  3. Respond to email asking you to pay, schedule, and complete pre-work

CEO Strategy Day

  1. Zoom Strategy Session
  2. Implement your personalized business plan
  3. Schedule your follow up call

3-6 Month Engagement

  1. Two strategy calls per month
  2. Custom CEO dashboard
  3. Ongoing email/slack support

What does it cost?

A full-time CEO earns low to mid 6 figures. A fractional CEO costs a fraction of that and is a better value for small businesses. I fully expect you to accomplish your goals in the quarter(s) we work together.

Once we have upleveled your clients, tweaked your team, and maximized your profits, I should more than pay for myself.

Minute Call


CEO Strategy


3 Month Engagement


6 Month Engagement


Tools to transform your business

CEO Dashboard

I’m sharing the exact spreadsheet my team completes that allows me to step away from the day to day.

Client by source report

We dig into to where your best clients have you, how much they’ve spent with you, and how you can attract more of them.

How to have re enrollment conversations

This training shares best practices on what to say when a client wants to fire you, or owes you money, or a contractor is late, or a vendor won’t take responsibility for damages. This training alone will save you hours of wheel spinning and you will gain confidence (and hours of sleep back!)

Is it worth the investment?

Great Question! I’ve spent well over 6 figures on business advisors, coaching and masterminds. It is hands down the best money I spend every year. Plus it’s fun! If just one idea, strategy, or aha moment happened during our time together, your CEO Strategy Day could more than pay for itself. Come ready to take action and follow my advice and you will have a very profitable business.

  • “Melanie is unique in her approach in that she has learned these lessons for herself creating and building her own businesses and brand. Much of what she shares, and holds you accountable to, are lessons she has learned from paying attention to her own journey.”
  • “Melanie took me from being a small business owner standing in my own way, to a thriving business owner with the confidence and specific action items that allowed me to double my profit within the first year of her coaching. She has the incredible and unique ability to help me access my internal strengths, illuminate my fixed mindset thinking, and motivate me to dream my vision into a reality, while unlocking potential that I was not even aware I had.”

Who is this for?

Six Figure Designers

You have a proven business that brings in at least $100k per year.

Willingness to review numbers

You may never get excited about your profit and loss statement (that’s my job!). Together we will review your finances and you need to be willing to take a clear eyed look at the reality of your numbers.

Aspiring Leaders

My services are best for designers who want to hire a team and lead them while stepping away from the day-to-day interior design work. This will require placing trust in your designer(s). You can keep 1 or 2 favorite clients, of course!

Action Takers

I wish there was a magic bullet or super fast shortcut to growing your dream business – trust me- there isn’t! But by taking consistent actions over time you will find yourself feeling freer, richer, and happier.

Wait, why should you listen to me?

I’ve run my own successful interior design business for 17 years. From the outside, I had all the trappings of a “successful” designer. I had been named a “designer to watch” by House Beautiful, published in prestigious magazines, and selected for competitive showcase houses, but I couldn’t afford to pay my own mortgage. I didn’t have savings, a three month cushion, or retirement savings. In 2020 I finally got tired of seeing huge checks from clients come in and go right back out with nothing left over for me. I got laser focused on profit and invested in business coaching mentors, masterminds, and online courses. Today I am a self-made millionaire with two profitable design firms (I’m actually on the hunt to buy more businesses). I pay myself and my employees well over 6 figures. I’ll be honest, I don’t need the money (and I sure as hell don’t need to start another business) but I absolutely love seeing other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. I promise, if I can do it, so can you!

Looking for Interior Design Services?

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What’s this CEO Strategy Session all about?

One day dedicated to up-leveling your design business and attracting better-paying clients

A one-on-one day with you and me creating a concrete plan to bring in the exact amount of new clients and juicy profit you want to see next year. I’m sharing my proven playbook I’ve used to make myself a millionaire and get out of the day-to-day of my business. This is a dedicated time to work ON your business instead of in your business.

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